Carpet Extractor Rental

Carpet Extractor Rental — Just the Facts:

Steam cleaner rentals are available through two main national brands: Rug Doctor and Bissell. Both offer machines that can be used for deep cleaning purposes. A carpet extractor rental unit usually costs $25 and up to rent, is mostly available for 24-hour increments, and requires a deposit and proof of ID. Rug Doctor and Bissell can be rented at Rug Doctor and Bissell locations, but also at national chains such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Carpet Extractor Rental Warehouse from the 1950s

A carpet extractor rental warehouse from the 1950s

Don’t feel like hiring someone to take care your house for you? There are two well-known national chains that provide carpet extractor rentals. They are Rug Doctor and Bissell, and they are available at a number of different locations. Here are the details.

Rug Doctor Carpet Extractor Rental

Phone number: 1-800-Rug Doctor (784-3628)

Rug Doctor is probably the best-known carpet extractor rental. The company has over 30,000 locations (that’s a lot!), so chances are there’s a rental location very, very close to you.

Rug Doctor rents two types of machines:

  • The Mighty Pro Machine. The Might Pro is the smaller of the two machines that Rug Doctor offers, and it usually rents between $20 and $30 (depending on the area you live in; prices may vary). The Might Pro weighs 36 pounds when empty, and is a good choice if you’re cleaning a house or a small business.
  • The Wide Track. A wide-track carpet extractor rental has a wider vacuuming head, and is commonly used for larger commercial spaces. For example, if you owned a restaurant with a wall-to-wall carpet that covered the entire dining area, the Wide Track would probably be a good option for you. The Wide Track weighs 44 pounds when empty, and usually rents from between $25 and $32 (again, depending on your area).

Those weights—36 pounds and 44 pounds—may sound heavy to some people, but the carpet extractor rentals themselves are not difficult to use. It’s basically the same thing as operating a vacuum cleaner, except there is a spray switch that injects cleaning solution and hot water into the carpet. The units are built to last, too—they’re sturdy and have rugged wheels that help you move them around.

Is a Rug Doctor Carpet Extractor Rental Safe for My Carpet?

Rug Doctor machines are safe for most carpets, but you should contact the manufacturer of your carpet to be certain that the carpet you own is intended for hot water extraction cleaning. Certain carpets, such as silk or wool rugs, braided rugs, or jute carpets, are not made for water extraction. Make sure you know the material used in your carpet, and ask your serviceperson when renting if the Rug Doctor unit and cleanser are simpatico.

Here are some other common questions people need to know:

  • Are there handtools that come with the machine? The carpet extractor rentals come with a variety of tools, including a Hand Tool attachment, which can be used to clean stairs or the flooring carpet in a car. The hand tool may cost a few extra dollars to rent, so ask your salesperson if it’s included in your rental package. (Also note that the cleaning solution may not be free with the rental, and may pose another additional cost).
  • Can I use the rental on rugs or carpets that have been damaged by flood water? The carpet extractor rentals clean your carpet, but can also be used to extract water from a carpet that was made wet by a flood. HOWEVER, as it states on the Rug Doctor website, “The machine is an electrical appliance. Good judgment must be exercised when extracting water from overly wet carpet as there could be a risk of electric shock. The machine should NEVER be used on a carpet or anywhere where standing water remains. Only carpets and upholstery that are damp, not water laden or soggy are safe for extraction.” As always, if you have questions regarding flood waters, water damage, or carpet restoration after a flood, CALL A PROFESSIONAL.
  • What do I need to rent one? Finally, to rent a Rug Doctor, you’ll need two forms of ID to rent a machine (driver’s license, passport, student ID with photo, etc). Deposits are required at some stores but not at others, and the amount of deposit may vary. Most stores will not rent a machine without a valid credit card.

Many people are very pleased with Rug Doctors, and their business has flourished over the years. If you’re a DIY type, Rug Doctor is a good choice.

Bissell Carpet Extractor Rental

Phone number: Phone: 1-800-749-9062

Bissell units use the power of hot water extraction to remove tough stains and odors. They, too, have rental locations all across the country, so finding a store near you should not be a problem.

Bissell’s main rental is the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine, which is an extremely powerful tool in disinfecting your carpets. The carpet extractor rental is so highly regarded, that they are offered for rental at PetSmart stores nation-wide! If anybody knows which carpet steamers are good rentals, it’s a national pet chain.

Is a Bissell Carpet Extractor Rental Safe for my Carpet?

As always, Bissell alerts everyone renting their machine to check the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that the carpet is safe for hot water extraction methods. It also urges renters to make sure that use of the machine won’t damage the flooring underneath the carpet or rug. Many carpets have a treated underside to the rug that keeps water from impacting the flooring below the rug, but NOT ALL RUGS AND CARPETS have this feature, so it’s important to check with the manufacturer.

Some other questions that people need to know:

  • How much does the machine weigh? The Big Green Deep Cleaning machine weights in at 42 pounds.
  • Are there handtools that come with the machine? Onboard tools are available with Bissell rentals, and a stain tool and hose are available (at an additional cost) that can be used to clain stairs. The carpet extractor rental comes with a 25-foot extension cord, so no additional extension cords should be used.
  • Can I use the rental on rugs or carpets that have been damaged by flood water? Unlike Rug Doctor, the Bissell website is very clear that rental units should only be used for the cleaning process: “NEVER use this machine on carpet or anywhere where standing water remains. This product should only be used on carpet moistened by the cleaning process.”
  • What’s the cost? The cost of a Bissell rental usually starts at $24.99 for a 24-hour rental cycle, but that too is subject to location. There are usually coupons available online, and a quick Google search for “bissell rental coupon” or “bissell petsmart coupon” should find you a reduced rental rate.

Does Lowe’s Have a Carpet Cleaner I Can Rent? What About Home Depot?

Good question! The answer is yes—you can get a Bissell carpet extractor rental at  at Lowe’s, and Home Depot also has a machine that they’ve made that is available for rental.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Home Depot has a deep cleaning unit that you can rent for four hours at a cost of $20, or $29 for a full day. The unit is excellent for cleaning residential areas or small offices or small commercial spaces, and weighs 40 pounds. For details regarding on-board tools (ie, whether you can use the unit to clean stairs), contact your nearest location. There are Home Depots all over the place, so finding one shouldn’t be difficult, but make sure that the location you go to has a Tool Rental department.
  • Lowe’s offers Bissell rentals at many of their locations. The Bissell rental is their Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine (for information about the machine, see details above), and units are rented for 24-hour time increments. Lowe’s has a strong national presence in the U.S. and Canada, so chances are there is a Lowe’s near you. If you’re not sure which location suits your needs, you can call the national number at 1-800-749-9062.

Can I rent a carpet cleaner with UHaul?

Yes indeed. If you’re moving in or moving out, and you want to rent a carpet cleaner but you don’t know where to go, U-Haul offers Rug Doctor rentals at many of their locations. The price of the rental is usually around $24.99 (again, prices vary according to location), and a refundable deposit of $40 is required with the rental.

Final Thoughts on Your Carpet Extractor Rental

If you’re a DIYer, you’ve got some very reliable options! Renting a deep cleaner is a way to sanitize the carpets and rugs in your house or business, and if you don’t have the space for a huge machine but you have carpets that need cleaning, a rental from one of the companies above it a great option.

Image Credit: wryonedwards on Flickr

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